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Printer Emulation Settings

This list contains the printer settings available in the View Settings dialog box.

In this Section

AS/400 Host Name

Assigned AS/400 Host

Assigned Device Name

Assigned Encryption Strength

Assigned Host Name

Assigned LU Name

Auto Connect

Auto Reconnect

Bypass Windows Printing

Bypass Windows Printing in Transparent Mode

C/370 Character Set


Command Line Switches

Confirm on Exit

Country Extended Graphics Code

Create Settings File Shortcut

Current Display Height

Current Display Width

Current Locale

Current Trace Record

Default Printer Copies

Device Name

Enable Asynchronous Transport Behavior

Enable Host Alarm

Font Character Set

Fully Qualified Remote LU Name

Generate Device Names

Host Communication Timeout

Host Name

Host Network Address

Host Print Timeout

Hosts File Name

Icon Title

Language Override


Manufacturer Type

Maximum Internal Trace File Length (MB)

Menu Visible

Message Library

Message Queue

National Character Set

New Session Uses Current Session's Settings

New Window on Open

OLE Application Name

Path and Name of Executable

Path to Executable

Print at End of Document

Print at Start of Document

Print Auto Orientation

Print Auto Word Wrap

Print Compress Font Vertically

Print DBCS:SBCS in 2:3 Ratio

Print DBCS with a Smaller Font

Print Destination

Print Device ASCII 899

Print Device Envelope Source

Print Device Font ID

Print Device Forms Mode

Print Device Paper Source 1

Print Device Paper Source 2

Print File Exists Action

Print File Name

Print Fit Form Size

Print Fit Form to Page

Print Fit to Page

Print Fit User Form Length

Print Fit User Form to Page

Print Fit User Form Width

Print Form Feed on End of Job

Print Hook Enable

Print Honor Form Feed Only in First Column

Print Override Host Format

Print Override Orientation

Print Overstrike

Print Proportional Chars per Inch

Print Retain Host Format

Print Suppress Blank Page

Print Suppress Initial Form Feed

Print Suppress Newlines

Print Suppress Null Lines

Print to File

Print Transform

Print Translate EBCDIC in TRN

Print Transparent

Print Transverse Orientation

Print Proportional Lines per Inch

Printer Case

Printer Chars per Inch

Printer Chars per Line

Printer DBCS Character Rotation Angle

Printer DBCS Horizontal Font Size

Printer DBCS Vertical Font Size

Printer Default Font

Printer Default Horizontal Tab

Printer Default Vertical Tab

Printer Emulate FF with LF

Printer Flush on End of Job

Printer Flush on End of Media

Printer Flush on Form Feed

Printer Host LU Name

Printer Line Spacing

Printer Lines Per Inch

Printer Lines Per Page

Printer Margin Bottom

Printer Margin Left

Printer Margin Right

Printer Margin Top

Printer Maximum Chars per Line

Printer Maximum Lines per Page

Printer Orientation

Printer Output Reduction

Printer Paper Size

Printer Paper Source

Printer SO/SI Presentation

Representation of Unmapped DBCS Character

Save Changes on Exit

Save Window State

Settings Changed

Settings File

Settings Update Type

Shortcut Folder

Show Status Bar

Show Title Bar

Startup Settings

Startup Working Directory

Status Bar Text

Support 3270 Partitions

Support Asian Double-byte Features

Telnet Average Keep Alive Roundtrip

Telnet Encryption

Telnet Encryption Disable CRL Checking

Telnet Encryption Strength

Telnet Encryption Use OCSP

Telnet Encryption Verify Host Name

Telnet Environment

Telnet Keep Alive Packets

Telnet Keep Alive Timeout

Telnet Location

Telnet Port

Telnet Protocol

Telnet Response Mode

Telnet Use Reflection Security Proxy

Telnet Use SOCKS Proxy Server

TN3270 Primary Same as Alt

TN3287 Connect Type

TN Association

Toolbar Mode

Toolbar Tether

Toolbar Visible

Trace Buffer Size (KB)

Trace Compression Type

Transport Name

Use Internet Protocol Version 6

Use Printer Fonts Only

Use Windows Crypto API

User Data Directory

Version String

Workstation Customizing Object Library

Workstation Customizing Object Name