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Startup Command Examples

The following example command runs the FTP Client (Rftpc.exe) and connects to a site named West Coast, which is defined in the default settings file.

"Reflection2011rftpc.exe" "West Coast"

In the example above, quotation marks must surround the executable file specification because the path specifies a folder name that contains a space. Similarly, the site name is surrounded by quotation marks because it contains a space in the name.

The next example command uses the /W switch to specify the URL for an FTP site and the /L switch to direct the FTP Client (rftpc.exe) to log all client/server communication to a log file named Ftpinfo.log.

"Reflection2011rftpc.exe" /W /L Ftpinfo.log

The following example command tells the FTP Client to connect using a settings file and run a script file. The /RFW switch directs the FTP Clientt to connect using the settings file Myfile.rfw. The /RFS switch directs the FTP Client to run the script file Transfer.rfs after connecting to the server specified in the settings file.

"Reflection2011rftpc.exe" /RFW

"C:\Users\username\Documents\Attachmate\Reflection\Myfile.rfw" /RFS


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