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Specify which Dialog Box to Open when Reflection Starts

By default, the Create New Document dialog box is displayed when you open the Reflection workspace.

To specify which dialog box to display when Reflection opens

  1. Open the Reflection Workspace Settings dialog box as follows:

    If you are using this "look and feel"

    Do this...

    The Reflection button

    Microsoft Office 2007

    On the Reflection button The Reflection button , choose Reflection Workspace Settings.

    The Reflection button

    Microsoft Office 2010

    On the File menu, choose Reflection Workspace Settings.

  2. Under Workspace Settings, click Configure Workspace Settings.
  3. In the When starting workspace box, select one of the following options.

    Select this

    To do this

    Show New dialog

    Display the New dialog box used to choose which type of session to configure.

    Show Open dialog

    Display the Open dialog box used to choose a session document file.

    Show nothing

    Open the workspace without displaying a dialog box.