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Customizing Your Installation

Customize Reflection to specify the way you want it to install, look, and act on the end user’s computer.

  • Creating and Editing Transforms
    Transforms allow you to customize the installation by modifying the primary installer database. With transforms, you can change the install location, modify or remove shortcuts, chain installs, modify Windows properties, and perform other modifcations.
  • Creating a Companion Install Package
    By creating companion installations, you can install files that configure Reflection or any additional files that are useful to your organization. If you want to install these files with Reflection, you can add one or more companion packages to your initial installation. You can also create and deploy companion install packages independently at any time after the initial installation.

Because the transforms and companion install packages adhere to MSI standards, these files can be used in conjunction with Active Directory, SMS, or any other Microsoft Installer-compatible deployment tool.

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Attachmate Customization Tool

Creating and Editing Transforms

Creating a Companion Install Package

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