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Print More Than One Screen per Page

You can set up printing to send multiple screen prints to a spool file and then print them all at once. You also have the option of inserting a form feed between the screen prints or letting Reflection fill each page with the maximum amount of text (regardless of where one screen ends and the next begins).

To configure Reflection to print more than one screen per page

  1. From the Quick Access Toolbar, click Print, and then, in the Print dialog box, click Setup.
  2. At the bottom of the Print Setup dialog box, in the Multiple screens per page box, select Close printer manually.
  3. (Optional) If you want Reflection to add a form feed between each screen print, select Auto formfeed.
  4. For each screen you want to print, go to the screen, and then on the workspace menu, choose Print.

    After you print the first screen, the Close Printer button appears on the status bar.

  5. When you are done printing, click Close Printer.

    Note: Each screen print you send to the printer is spooled to a file until you click Close Printer.