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How Do I?

In this Section

Set Tab Colors

Start a Session From a Command Line

Print More Than One Screen per Page

Underline Fields That Accept Input

Turn off Screen History, Office Tools, and Productivity Features for Specific Fields

Use a Keyboard to Interact with Reflection

Change the UI Language

Switch Between Tabs and Windows

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

Configure Host Connection Options

Customize Microsoft Office Productivity Features

Configure Color Settings

Configure non-FTP File Transfer

Set Up a Default Windows Printer

Select a Cursor Style

Map a Sound to an Event

Stop Showing the Create New Document Dialog Box

Using the Clipboard (3270 and 5250)

Copy and Paste Host Data

Select and Mark Text on a Terminal Screen

Configure Workspace Arrangement

Create or Modify a Layout

Open a Layout

Define Hot Spots

Minimize the Ribbon

Create a New Theme File

Add Controls to the Ribbon

Remove Controls from the Ribbon

Modify Existing Controls on the Ribbon

Move Controls on the Ribbon

Restore the Default Ribbon

Use Customized Host Files