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Connection Tab (Site Properties Dialog Box)

Getting there

Use this tab to configure settings for maintaining connections and to set timeout intervals.

Note: For SFTP connections, the only setting available from this tab is Use IPV6.

Connection options

Use passive mode

When selected, the client sends a PASV command to communicate with the server in passive mode (sometimes called PASV mode). This initiates a separate data connection for directory listings and file transfers.

Use passive mode to minimize connection problems with firewalls, such as the Windows firewall enabled by default in some versions of Windows XP.

If passive mode has been turned off and a directory listing does not display or you get an error "425 Can't open data connection," you should enable this setting.

IPV6 connections use EPSV.

TCP port

Use the TCP port box to specify a non-standard TCP service port number or socket for FTP. The default value 21 is the standard service port for FTP.


If your server requires an account name for file access, type it here. For case-sensitive servers, be sure to use the appropriate case.

When a connection is opened, if Account is filled in, the client automatically sends the account name to the server as the last logon step.

Timeouts in seconds


Select the maximum number of seconds to continue trying to establish an FTP server connection. Entering 0 (zero) in this box prevents the FTP Client from ever timing out on a connection attempt.


Select the maximum number of seconds to wait for data packets being transferred to or from the host. If nothing is received within the period specified, a timeout error displays and the transfer is aborted; in this case, try the operation again. If you receive repeated timeout errors, increase the timeout value. Entering 0 (zero) in this box prevents the FTP Client from ever timing out when waiting for a response.

Other settings

Use IPV6

Select whether connections to the host use IPV6 (Internet Protocol version 6) or the older IPv4 protocol. By default, the client attempts to connect using IPv6, and uses IPv4 when IPv6 is not available. You may need to change this value to "Never" if you are having problems connecting to hosts on an IPv4 network from a client computer with IPv6 enabled.


Initial umask

Use this setting to specify an initial umask value to send to the server upon connection. You can use umask to modify the default permissions attributes set on newly created files.

When you specify a umask, the client sends the following to the FTP server when you login, where nnnn is your specified umask value.

SITE umask nnnn

To find out if umask is a supported SITE command for your FTP server, enter this command at the FTP command line:

QUOTE help site

This feature is not available for SFTP connections.