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Prerequisite Software

Reflection has the following software requirements. Depending on your install method (using the Attachmate Installation Program, installing directly using MSI, or deploying from an administrative install), and the platform to which you are installing, this software is either installed or updated automatically, or you are prompted to install or perform an update.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime

Reflection requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Runtime. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of this prerequisite software are distributed with Reflection.

If you use the Attachmate Installation Program to install Reflection in interactive or command-line mode, the wizard determines whether the system has the .NET Framework, and automatically installs it if necessary. (This applies for both the Attachmate Installation Program GUI and command-line modes.)

Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1

The Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) version 3.1 is distributed with Reflection. This is applicable to Windows XP only (Windows Vista already includes a later version).

If you use the Attachmate Installation Program on Windows XP, the wizard determines whether Windows Installer 3.1 is installed, and will automatically update it if necessary.

Deploying MSI Files Directly

If you install Reflection directly with MSI or with a deployment tool, you must install the .NET Framework first.

If you install Reflection directly (with MSI), or you are deploying Reflection from an administrative install, Windows Installer 3.1 is not automatically installed on Windows XP. Although Windows Installer 3.1 is optional, you should update your version of Windows Installer to take full advantage of the features available in Windows Installer 3.1.

Deploy Windows Installer 3.1 as a separate package to Windows XP workstations where it is not installed.

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