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Run a Script File at Startup

You can start the client and provide command line parameters that automatically execute all the commands in a script file. This allows you to automate sequences of commands.

  • You can set up a shortcut with a startup command that automatically executes a script when you double-click it. The properties you specify for the shortcut determine whether the client runs in a window or runs minimized on the desktop when you start it.
  • You can enter a startup command in the Open box when you use the Run command from the Start menu.

Startup Command Syntax to Execute a Script File

<executable>.exe [<site>] /RFS <script file>

Use a space to separate each argument in the command line.


Provides the path and name of the FTP Client executable file.

For example:



Specifies a previously defined site. The site properties are in effect when the client starts. If the FTP site name contains spaces, enclose it in quotation marks, for example "ADA Home".

When included, the <site> argument is always the first argument on the command line. When used in conjunction with the /W switch, the <site> argument is ignored.

/RFS <script file>

Provides the path and name of the FTP script file. If the script file name or path contains spaces, enclose it in quotation marks , for example "C:\My Script Files\Get lab reports.rfs".

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