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Creating Custom Session Document and Workspace files

You can customize Reflection to control its look and feel, security settings, file locations, and other settings. This is accomplished by creating and distributing two types of configuration files:

  • Session document files, which contain configuration settings for host-specific information. They also include pointers to other files that control the appearance of the session, such as the theme file, and to files that control input and text handling, such as the keyboard map file and the Ribbon file.
  • Workspace files, which affect all terminal session and Web page documents opened in Reflection. Workspace configuration settings include security, file locations, and other settings related to Reflection.

To create customized session document and workspace files

  1. From an administrative installation image, install Reflection on your computer.

    This is the installation you will use to create configuration files to distribute with your customized installer.

  2. Create session document files and other workspace configuration files as needed.

    When you run the Attachmate Customization Tool to create a companion install package, you can add these files to the package.


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