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Change File Permissions on UNIX Servers

You can change file permissions on a UNIX or Linux server using the server pane display or by using the FTP command line.

To change file permissions using the server pane

  1. Connect to a UNIX or Linux host.
  2. In the server pane, select one or more files or directories.
  3. Right-click your selection and choose Properties.
  4. Change the attributes of the selected item(s) using either of the following techniques:
    • In the Permission Mode box, type a three digit number that is a valid value for the UNIX chmod command. Valid values have digits from 0 to 7.
    • Under Owner, Group, and Public, select options to allow each user type permission to read, write, or execute.
  5. Click OK.

To change file permissions using the FTP command line:

  1. Connect to a UNIX or Linux host.
  2. Press F7 to display the command line if it is not already visible.
  3. Enter a UNIX chmod command using a numeric permission mask.

    For example, the following commands sets attributes to -rw-r--r-- for the specified file.

    chmod 644 myfile.htm

Note: Permissions changes you make to directories are not recursive; that is they do not affect the files within the directory.

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