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API Installer

By using the API Installer, you can install only the files you need to integrate Reflection into your custom applications. (To install the API and Reflection on the same computer, run the Reflection installer and select the API option.)

The API includes the .NET API class assembly files and Help.

Class Assembly Files

The .NET API class assembly files are installed to the Programmer Interface folder and appear in the Visual Studio 2005 Reference box the next time you start the application. (The installation includes an XML file for each assembly file to provide compatibility with Intellisense.)

The class assembly files include the following;

  • Attachmate.Reflection.dll
  • Attachmate.Refelction.Emulation.IbmHosts.dll
  • Attachmate.Reflection.Framework.dll
  • Attachmate.ReflectionEmulation.OpenSystem.dll

Help Files

Documentation includes a programmer's guide and reference documents that provide explanations and syntax for methods, classes, and properties used with Reflection objects.

Help Document


To view the Help...


Reference of Reflection methods, classes, and properties.

Double-click the file (api_docs_dotnet.chm).


Open the Visual Studio 2005 Help.

.NET API Guide

Programmer's guide with setup information, tutorials, and sample code.

In Reflection, choose Help > .NET API Guide.

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