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Access Reflection 2008 Remotely

Using the API, you can write programs that interact with Reflection 2008 on remote, networked computers. (Computers that run these programs must be licensed to run Reflection 2008.) To configure remote access, you must configure the API settings on the remote computer. Then, in your code, specify the IP address and the API port number from the remote computer to get an Application object from a Reflection 2008 instance running on that computer. (To access local instances of Reflection 2008, you need only the API port setting.)

Note: To access the API in multiple instances of Reflection 2008 simultaneously, create layout files.

To configure API settings

  1. Start Reflection 2008 on the remote computer.
  2. From the Reflection 2008 button, click Reflection Workspace Settings.
  3. Under Trust Center, click Set up API and Macro Security.
  4. Select Use TCP/IP and Allow remote access, and specify a number for API port.
  5. To reduce the security risk to your computer, select Secure Access, and then specify a method of authentication.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Note the IP address that's assigned to the remote computer.

To specify the remote computer's API settings in your code

  1. In Visual Studio, include the following lines of code in your program to create an Application object:

    Attachmate.Reflection.Framework.Application reflectionApplication = MyReflection.CreateApplication

  2. To specify an Application object on the remote computer, type the IP address and API port number. If you enabled Secure Access in the remote computer's API Settings, specify "true" in place of an API port number.

    The following example includes an IP address of and an API port number of 8080:

    = MyReflection.CreateApplication("",8080)