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Use a Keyboard to Interact with Reflection

Although it is more common to use a mouse to open dialog boxes, select documents, interact with the Ribbon, and to activate controls, Reflection also allows you to perform these actions using the keyboard.

By creating a custom keyboard map, you can assign a key or key combination to any task or control that you can access from the user interface. You can open a session, run a macro, create an e-mail message, or save a layout. You can also create a sequence of actions to perform with the stroke of a single key.

KeyTips provide another way to access to every command available on the Ribbon or the Quick Access toolbar. You can get to most commands with only two to four keystrokes, no matter where you are in Reflection.

When you press and release the ALT key, KeyTips are displayed over each feature that is available in the current view. At that point, you can press the letter shown in the KeyTip over the feature that you want to use.

Depending on which letter you pressed, you may be shown additional KeyTips. Continue pressing letters until you press the letter for the specific command or option that you want to use.

Other standard keyboard shortcuts are also supported.

The following table includes common tasks you can perform with the keyboard:



Show or hide KeyTips

The ALT key.

Select or use a control on the Ribbon or the Quick Access toolbar

ALT, then the key associated with the KeyTip for that control.

Go to the next session document or Web page


Go to the next pane in the current session document


Move between items in a dialog box

TAB and the ARROW keys.


ALT + the accelerator key (underlined letter) for that item.

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