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VT Document Settings Dialog Box

Getting there



Select to use your PC as a virtual terminal over a TCP/IP connection.

When Telnet is the selected protocol, you can configure secure connections using Kerberos or SSL/TLS.

Secure Shell

Select for secure, encrypted communications between a trusted host and your PC over an insecure network. When you select Secure Shell, all connections between your PC and the remote host(s) are encrypted, protecting the data sent between these machines.


Select to use your PC as a virtual terminal over a TCP/IP connection.

Host name/IP address

Identify the host to which you will connect. Type the host name, alias, or numeric IP address.

Note: Both IPv4 addresses (in the form and IPv6 addresses (in the form 2001:0db8:3c4d:0015:0000:0000:abcd:ef12) are accepted.


Type the host port or socket number that the session should use. This field accepts any number between 0 and 66,535 (default = 23).


User name

Type a name that identifies you or your PC to the host.

This option is enabled only for Secure Shell or Rlogin connections.

SSH configuration scheme

Type a descriptive name to label these connection settings, making them available for use with other sessions.

If you leave this field blank, and make changes to any connection settings, Reflection saves the configuration scheme using the value from the Host name/IP address field.


Terminal Type

Select the terminal to emulate. This specifies the codes generated by the numeric keypad, the interpretation of control functions, and the response to terminal identification requests. (Values under Terminal automatically reset when you choose a terminal type.)

Support graphics

Select to support the Remote Graphics Instruction Set (ReGIS) by DEC, including the following features:

  • Up to 16 colors
  • Shading with selected patterns and polygon fill
  • Rubberband cursors
  • Rotated and italicized characters
  • Mouse support
  • A scaled graphic showing the complete ReGIS screen (800x480 pixels) on the physical display

Keyboard map

Specify the keyboard map to use with this session.

Configure additional settings

Select to open a page from which you can customize host connection, terminal configuration, and other settings for this session.

When selected, the session does not auto-connect. This allows you to modify settings before connecting to the session.

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