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Configure Multi-hop Server Dialog Box

Getting there

Use this dialog box to add a server to your multi-hop list. You must specify all of the following:

Forward local port

Specifies a port on your local Windows workstation. Data sent to this port is forwarded through the SSH tunnel to the server.


Identifies the host computer through which data will be sent. If this server requires a user name which is different from the one you specified for your original connection, include the user name as shown here: username@hostname.


Opens the Secure Shell settings dialog box, which you can use to configure General, Encryption, and GSSAPI settings for this tunnel.


Specifies a port on the remote host to which data will be sent. The default is 22, which is the port used by most SSH servers.


  • The settings you configure in this dialog box are saved to the Secure Shell configuration file. You can also configure Secure Shell settings by editing this file manually in any text editor.
  • Within the configuration file, these settings are saved for the currently specified SSH configuration scheme.