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Printing from VT Sessions

Attachmate Reflection 2008 provides full access to the printing capabilities of your Windows printer, like any Windows application. From a VT session, you can print the screen, the display memory, or just the selected text. In addition, Reflection provides a terminal emulation feature called logging, which is similar to printing.

The Difference Between Printing and Logging

It's important to understand the difference between printing output and logging output. When logging is turned on, lines are buffered immediately as they appear on the screen. This continues until you turn logging off, when the output is actually printed. This type of "printing" parallels terminal-host printing, and, typically, the host controls printing, bypassing Reflection.

The Windows printer driver is still used, unless you select Bypass Windows print driver from the Print Setup dialog box.

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Print from a VT Session

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Logging Data

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