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Printing Batch Print Jobs

You can configure Reflection to accumulate output from a series of print events before you print. You might want to do this, for example, if you're connected to a network printer that is temporarily inoperative—you can collect all your printed output and print it all at once when the printer is again available.

To print a batch of print jobs

  1. From the Reflection button, choose Print > Print Setup.
  2. Under Close printer, select Manually.
  3. Clear the Auto formfeed check box.

    This prevents Reflection from ejecting the page after each print event — if you're printing to a printer this saves paper; if you're printing to a file, this prevents a page break from being inserted in the output file.

    Clearing this setting can also be useful if your host program sends a series of open printer and close printer escape sequences.

  4. When you print, Reflection accumulates your output and sends it to the printer, or file, only when you click Close Printer on the Status bar.

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