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Print Dialog Box (Terminal Screen Printing)

Getting there



Select the number of copies you want to print.


Fast text-only printing

Print using the current printer font, rather than the display font, and use white for the background.


Print status line

Select to print the host status line in addition to the terminal screen.



Select to print the screen using black and white only. To print the display in color or to print it using grayscale on a non-color printer, clear this check box.


Square aspect ratio

(3270 sessions only) Select to use the pixel dimensions of the 3179-G terminal, and ensure that objects maintain their correct proportions and shapes.



Select a background color.

Print Range



Print the complete contents of the terminal window, including the host status line.



Print the currently highlighted selection.



(3270 sessions only) Print the current screen partition (which usually corresponds to the entire terminal window, but without the Operator Information Area).



Click to control printer settings that apply only to Reflection, or to select a different Windows printer.


Print what

(3270 graphics sessions only) Select the part of the terminal display to print: graphics, text, or both.

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