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Permissions Manager Items: Productivity\SpellCheck

Spell Check


Item Name

UI Description



Commonly misspelled words are corrected without prompt or indication as you type.

Note: This feature is available only for English.



Spell Check marks possible errors with wavy underlines.



If you accidentally type a word in Title Case with the CAPS LOCK key turned on, Spell Check corrects the capitalization; for example, eNTER kEY changes to Enter Key.



If you type two consecutive uppercase letters at the beginning of a word, Spell Check changes the second uppercase letter to a lowercase letter; for example, ENter changes to Enter.



The path to the custom dictionary file.



If you are typing in UPPERCASE letters, Spell Check does not attempt to correct spelling.



If you are typing a word with a number in it, like Reflection2008, Spell Check does not attempt to correct the spelling.



The number of suggested spellings to offer when a misspelled word is encountered.



The shortest field in which to check spelling.

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