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Select Features, Components, and Languages

You can select which features, components, and languages to install for your end users. In addition, you can choose from three levels of not installing an item: advertising it, not installing it, and permanently blocking it to prevent users from installing it later.

To select features, components, and languages to install

  1. From a command line, open the Attachmate Customization Tool:

    path_to_setup\setup.exe /admin

  2. Select Create a new setup customization file for the following product, and then click OK.
  3. From the Attachmate Customization Tool navigation pane, choose Set Feature Installation States.
  4. Select the feature installation states as follows:


    To do this

    Install: feature selected Feature will be installed on local hard drive

    Add a feature to the installation.

    Install: feature advertised Feature will be installed when required

    Advertise a feature.

    Install: feature removed Feature will be unavailable

    Leave a feature uninstalled. End users will still be able to select the item and install it from the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel.

    Install: feature hidden Feature will be hidden from view

    Leave a feature uninstalled and hidden. End users will not be able to install the item, and it will not be visible in the Windows Add/Remove Programs control panel.

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