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Remove Application Features with Attachmate Customization Tool

You can control access to Reflection features. By removing access to select features, you can disable features you do not want to support.

Caution: Do not use both the Permissions Manager and the Attachmate Customization Tool to create access files. Make it a consistent practice to use only one of these methods, as using both methods in tandem can cause problems with updates, and other maintenance issues.

To disable features in Reflection

  1. From a command line, open the Attachmate Customization Tool:

    path_to_setup\setup.exe /admin

  2. From the Select Customization dialog box, select Create a new Companion installer (or open an existing MSI), and then click OK.
  3. From the Attachmate Customization Tool navigation pane, select Specify install locations.
  4. On the configuration panel, under Installation type, select Installs only for the user who installs it.
  5. From the navigation pane, select Modify user settings.
  6. Under Application – Settings, select the access file you want to change and then click the Define button.

    Access files include the following:

    IBM 3270 (rd3x.access)
    IBM 5250 (rd5x.access)
    Open Systems (rdox.access)
    Actions (actions.access)
    Application-wide settings (application.access)

  7. Using the Permissions Manager, under Groups, select the group title that contains the setting you want to disable.

    Items in each group are displayed in the Items table.

  8. Select the item that you want to disable, and then click the down arrow in the Accessibility column to change Full to Restricted.
  9. Complete the steps as prompted in the wizard.

    The access file is saved to your companion database.

    Note: The Permissions Manager tool only disables access to features; it does not remove disabled controls from the user interface. To remove disabled controls, create a customized theme and distribute it in a companion install package.

  10. Exit Permissions Manager.

    You can now continue using Attachmate Customization Tool.

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