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Could not resolve host address

Several things can cause this message to appear:

  • The host name or IP address you entered for the server is invalid. Re-enter the host name; if you are connecting to a case-sensitive server, be sure to use the correct case.
  • The host name you provide is resolved via the HOSTS file or a domain name server. Is the computer that acts as the domain name server working? Has the HOSTS file on your PC been corrupted? If no domain name server or HOSTS file is available, you must specify the full IP address of the host server. For example:
  • You have entered an IPv6 address, but have not enabled IPv6 support on your PC. Contact Microsoft for more information.
  • You must have an appropriately configured IP router (gateway) in order to connect to servers outside your own network. Check to see whether the computer serving as the router is up and running.