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Connect to the Host using a Modem

Reflection 2008 makes modem connections using the modem configured from the Windows Control Panel.

Note: The following procedure uses the OpenSystems ConnectionType and ConnectionSettingsModem object, and is relevant only for OpenSystems terminal sessions.

To make a modem connection

  1. Set the ConnectionType property to the following:


  2. Specify the modem parameters you need using the properties of the ConnectionSettingsModem object. (See the Visual Basic Help for a list of properties you can use.)
  3. (Optional) To maintain the DTR (data terminal ready) signal after you disconnect a serial connection or quit Reflection 2008, set the ConnectionSettingsModem property DropDTROnDisconnect to False.

    This prevents the modem from hanging up, and allows you to resume your Reflection 2008 session.

  4. Open the connection using the Connect method.
  5. At the end of the modem session, use the Disconnect method to hang up the modem.

    The serial port becomes available to other sessions and applications for direct serial or modem connections.

Modem Connection Example