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Automation Events

Automation events are a standard part of many application programming interfaces. Events of this type are part of an application's object library and are identified in the Visual Basic Editor Object Browser with a lighting bolt icon.

An example of an automation event is the DefineEvent. You can define and raise specific events as "Defined Events" without necessarily associating actions with those events. You can use subsequent commands to check for the occurrence of a defined event or to wait for a defined event to happen. DefineEvent supports other events within the "DefinedEvent" group and provides various event type enums.

Using Automation events for event management in Reflection 2008 has the following advantages:

  • Automation events provide the only way to interrupt a process that has already been initiated. For example, the BeforeTransmitString event is triggered before Reflection 2008 sends text to the host. You can create a BeforeTransmitString event handler to check and edit text before it is sent to the host.
  • You can create procedures that are triggered whenever the specified events occur. No macro needs to be running at the time the events occur.
  • Because Automation events allow two-way communication, they help integrate Reflection 2008 and other applications (such as, Microsoft Office applications, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, or C++).