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Customizing the Ribbon

Whether you're a system administrator or user, you can customize the Ribbon interface to make Reflection more convenient to use. For example, since the Privacy Filters button affects the way data is handled by the productivity features, you could add it to the Productivity group on the Session tab.

Using the UI Designer, you determine which controls to include and what they do, from simple tasks to complex routines. In addition to creating new controls, you can modify existing controls, remove controls you don't use, or relocate controls to other tabs.

After customizing the Ribbon, you can use it with your documents.

Note: The UI Designer is just one way to create controls the Context Menu Editor, Keyboard Mapper, Mouse Mapper, and Hotspots provide other ways for you to run favorite macros and actions.

In this Section

Adding Controls to the Ribbon

Remove Controls from the Ribbon

Modify Existing Controls on the Ribbon

Move Controls on the Ribbon

Restore the Default Ribbon

Manage Ribbon Dialog Box

Select a Ribbon File Dialog Box

UI Designer

Create a New Ribbon File Dialog Box

Subitems Collection Editor Dialog Box (UI Designer)

Built-In Controls Dialog Box (UI Designer)