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Navigate the Ribbon

The Ribbon contains tools that you use to complete tasks in the selected document. Tools are represented as button and menu controls, which light up when you select them or move the pointer over them. Related controls are organized into feature groups, such as Productivity and Screen History. Groups are located on tabs, which are organized by function, such as changing the document appearance.

The appearance of the Ribbon and the features available from it depend on the document type and changes you've made to the Ribbon for that document type.

To navigate the ribbon

  • Do any of the following:


    Do this

    View the entire Ribbon

    Expand the workspace by dragging the lower-right corner.

    Show or hide the Ribbon

    • Double-click any tab in the Ribbon.
    • Click Full Screen from the Status bar.
    • Map a keyboard shortcut to show or hide the Ribbon with a keystroke. Sessions using the default 3270 or 5250 keyboard map already have this action mapped to CTRL+F1.

    View a description of a task

    Place the pointer over the button.

    Open settings for a task

    Click the launcher in the lower-right corner of a group.

    Move between tabbed documents

    Press CTRL+TAB.

    Use your keyboard to interact with the Ribbon

    Press ALT to display the KeyTips.

Note: You can change the interface appearance from Ribbon to Classic from the Reflection Workspace Settings dialog box. When using the Classic UI, only one document can be open in a workspace, and other features may not be available.

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