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Use the Upload to Server command

The Upload to Server command is available when you right-click on a file in the left pane of the FTP Client. You may prefer this command over drag-and-drop file transfer when you want to transfer a local file to the server and use a different file name on the server.

To upload a file using a different name

  1. Right-click on the file you want to upload,
  2. Click Upload to Server. This opens the Upload As dialog box. If you are connected to two remote sites, both site names will appear in the Upload As dialog box. Select the site to which you want the file(s) transferred.
  3. Specify the name you want to use for the file on the server
  4. Click OK to complete the transfer.

Note: Wildcard characters are supported. For example you could set Source file(s) to *.htm and Upload as to *.html.

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