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Transfer Tab (Site Properties Dialog Box)

Getting there

Options on this tab allow you to specify how file names and dates are handled during file transfers to and from the server. The options are:

Download from server options


Preserve server file date

Specifies that all files downloaded from the server should retain the original date stamps associated with the files. If you want files transferred from the server to be date stamped with the time and date when they were transferred, keep this check box cleared. Note: Server file dates will not be preserved if the Display file names only setting on the Directories tab has been enabled.


Create Windows file names in 8.3 format

Specifies that names of files transferred from the server should automatically be modified to use a valid DOS file name.

Note: During wildcard transfers with this check box selected, if two server names translate to the same DOS 8.3 format name, the second file transferred will overwrite the first when If File Exists is set to Overwrite.To prevent this, change the If File Exists setting to Unique.


Try to resume partial binary downloads


Specifies how Reflection should complete a file transfer after a binary file transfer is interrupted. If this option is selected, and the server supports this feature, Reflection resumes downloading the untransferred portion of files after an interruption. If the server does not support this feature, Reflection restarts the download.

To determine if a particular server supports this feature, enter the following on the command line:

quote help rest

If rest is identified as a restart command, your server supports the feature.

This feature is not available for SFTP connections.

Upload to server options


Remove file name extension

Removes the file name extension from files transferred to the host. When this item is selected and a file name contains one or more dots, the final dot and any subsequent characters are removed from the file name.


Prepend these characters to the file name

Adds the specified characters before the file name for files copied to the host. For example, you can use this feature to specify a member name for transfers to an IBM host. If you are connected to an HP POSIX host, the client automatically sets this value to a period followed by a slash (./).


Server file name limit

Sets a limit to the number of characters in the file name for files transferred to the host. File names beyond this limit are truncated.


Set case for long file names transferred to server

Determines how case is handled in when the transferred file name does not conform to the DOS 8.3 file naming convention.


Set case for 8.3 file names transferred to server

Determines how case is handled when the transferred file name does conform to the DOS 8.3 file naming convention.


Compute space on MVS

By default, Reflection computes and preallocates the number of tracks on MVS system based on the local file size. Clear this setting to disable this feature. This setting applies to uploads to MVS hosts only.


Send SITE command

Use this setting to specify a SITE command to be executed before a file is uploaded. This is supported for uploads to any host.