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General Tab (Site Properties Dialog Box)

Getting there

The settings on the General tab provide the information used to connect to the specified site. The options are:


FTP address

Use the FTP address text box to specify the FTP or SFTP server to log in to. This can be a domain name, a URL, or an IP address.


Server type

Specifies the type of server you are connecting to. In most instances, Reflection will correctly identify your server when this value is set to Auto detect. Select a specific server type from the list if Reflection is not successfully identifying your server type.

Auto detect is not available for SFTP sessions. The default for these sessions is UNIX.



Specifies that you want to log onto the specified server as a guest, using the user name "anonymous." (Anonymous logins are not allowed for SFTP connections.)

If you log onto this server anonymously, the Password box is automatically filled in with the anonymous password specified on the General tab in the Options dialog box. The default anonymous password is typically your e-mail address. If your FTP site expects a different password for anonymous logons, type the site-specific password here.



Specifies that you want to log onto the specified server using a registered user name. Type the name you want to use for logins to this site.


Save password

If this box is selected, your password is saved in encrypted form in your settings file and used to login into this server. If you clear this check box any previously password is removed.

This check box is not available for SFTP connections. Use the Secure Shell Settings dialog box to configure authentication for these connections.



Specify the password used to connect to the current FTP server. For case-sensitive servers, you must use the appropriate case when entering the password.



Use the Security button to open the Security Properties dialog box, which contains settings that allow you to configure secure connections.