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Export FTP Settings Dialog Box

Use the Export FTP Settings dialog box to export FTP Client settings.

Getting there

The options are:



Site settings are site-specific settings configured using the Site Properties dialog box or the Directory Definition Wizard. All settings are saved for each site with the exception of user name and password, which are included only when User Settings is also selected.

Use the sites list to determine which of your currently configured sites are included in the exported settings file. Highlight a site and click Remove if you don't want the site included in the exported file. Note that removing sites from this list affects which sites are exported, but does not affect your current site configuration.



Application Settings

Application settings affect the behavior of the FTP Client and are independent of both site and user. The following features are included when Application Settings is selected:

  • Options dialog box, General tab - Default local home folder
  • Options dialog box, File Types tab - All features
  • Options dialog box, Preferences tab - All features



User Settings

User settings are specific to individual users. The following information is included when User Settings is selected:

  • Site Properties dialog box - User and Password
  • Options dialog box, General tab - Anonymous password
  • Custom rules created using the Directory Definition Wizard.



File Name

Specifies the name of a file to contain the settings. Note that If you change the default file name, you must include a file extension if you wish to use one.