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Run the Directory Definition Wizard

The FTP Client Directory Definition Wizard helps you to define the directory format for an unrecognized type of FTP server. The Wizard allows you to identify the file name and other fields in the directory output from the current FTP site so that server directory listings can be displayed and interpreted properly in the right pane of the FTP Client window.

Note: This wizard should not be used if the files on the FTP site already display properly.

To use the Directory Definition Wizard

  1. To use the Directory Definition Wizard, you must have Server type set to Auto detect (the default value). To check the value of this setting, open the Site Properties dialog box. On General tab, look for Server type.
  2. Connect to a site.
  3. On the Tools menu, click Directory Definition Wizard.
  4. Complete the steps as directed by the wizard.

    Note: File name is the only required field. You can leave the other fields undefined.

  5. When you are done specifying the location of fields, click Finish. The Reflection window is displayed and automatically refreshes the server directory listing.
  6. If the directory listing is still unusable, re-run the Directory Definition Wizard and continue experimenting with the location of directory fields until you get better results.