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Resume an Incomplete Server File Download

Sometimes when downloading a server file to your PC, the transfer does not complete successfully, perhaps due to a loss of the network connection on a "noisy" or low-speed link. Use the following procedure to resume the incomplete transfer operation.

Note: The auto resume feature works for binary file transfers only. The server must support the REST command.

To resume an incomplete download

  1. If necessary, reconnect to the server where the source file resides.
  2. Confirm that the transfer method is set to Binary. The current transfer method is shown on the status bar. To change this setting, point to Transfer Method on the Tools menu, then click a transfer method.
  3. Auto resume won't work if the transfer mode is set to Append. The current transfer mode is shown on the status bar. To change this setting, point to If File Exists on the Tools menu, then click on any other transfer mode.
  4. Restart the server file download. For example, select the server file that failed to transfer and drag it again to the destination on your PC.
  5. The client detects that a prior incomplete file transfer operation occurred for that file. The client gives you the option to resume the incomplete transmission at the interruption point, instead of beginning a new file transfer of the entire file.
  6. Click Resume.

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