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Connect via a Firewall

Use this procedure if your site connect to your FTP or SFTP server through a firewall.

To connect via a firewall

  1. Open the Connect to FTP Site dialog box.(This dialog box opens automatically when you launch the client. You can also open it using Connection > Connect.)
  2. Select the site you are configuring and click Security.
  3. On the Firewall tab, select Use Firewall.
  4. Use Style to select the authentication command sequence used by your firewall. (The style you select determines which options you can configure in the dialog box.)
  5. Configure the appropriate authentication information for your server, and then click OK to close each of the open dialog boxes.


  • The Firewall tab is not available for SFTP connections.
  • The settings in the Firewall tab of the Security Properties dialog box are used for all sites that you configure to connect via a firewall.
  • When Use passive mode is enabled (the default), the FTP Client initiates a separate data connection for directory listings and file transfers. This is required for connections through some firewalls. If passive mode has been turned off and a directory listing does not display or you get an error "425 Can't open data connection," you should enable this setting.