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Configure Kerberos for FTP Client

If you are configuring FTP connections, you can use Kerberos for both authentication and encryption.

To configure Kerberos authentication for FTP Client

  1. In FTP Client, in the Connect to FTP Site dialog box, click an FTP server. (You must log on as a user; Kerberos is not available for Anonymous logins.)
  2. Click Security.
  3. On the Kerberos tab, select the Reflection Kerberos check box.
  4. Select the principal and realm you want to use for Kerberos authentication to this server. If the Initial Configuration dialog box appears, type the settings for the principal name, realm, KDC host, and credentials. (This dialog box doesn't appear if your PC has a Kerberos Manager configuration file installed.)
  5. Configure any additional Kerberos options on this tab or by clicking Kerberos Manager. (For more information about Kerberos Manager, see the documentation included with the application.)
  6. Click OK twice to close the dialog boxes.
  7. Click Connect to authenticate to this host and establish a connection. A key and/or padlock icon appears on the status bar when you have made a successful secure connection. The key indicates secure authentication, the padlock indicates an encrypted data stream.

    Settings on the Kerberos tab of the Security Properties dialog box are saved to your Reflection FTP Client settings file. Settings from Kerberos Manager and the Initial Configuration dialog box are saved in the Windows registry and apply to all installed Reflection applications that support Kerberos.

Note: Kerberos support is not available with the Reflection FTP Client that ships as part of Reflection NFS Client (full product).

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