IConnectionSettingsSecureShell Interface Properties

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Public Properties
 PropertyHostAddressGets or sets the name of the host to which to connect.  
 PropertyLowerCaseUserNameSpecifies whether Reflection converts your user name to lowercase letters.  
 PropertySSHConfigSchemeSpecifies the SSH config scheme settings to use for making a Secure Shell connection.  
 PropertySSHPortThe protocol port to use to establish the Secure Shell connection.  
 PropertySSHSetHostWindowSizeWhen this value is true, Reflection sends the number of rows and columns to the host whenever they change, enabling the host to control the cursor if the window size changes.  
 PropertySSHShowBannerDialogSpecifies whether Reflection displays banner information in a dialog box before completing the Secure Shell connection.  
 PropertySSHTermDefaultThe terminal type string that is sent as a backup to the Telnet server if the server requests this information and doesn't recognize the current value set for SSHTermType.  
 PropertySSHTermTypeThe terminal type string that is sent to the server if the server requests this information during the suboption TERM negotiation stage of the connection.  
 PropertySSHTermWindowAuthWhen this value is true, a Secure Shell connection will use the terminal window for the user authentication, displaying the server banner and checking the host key (Normally, all these are done in separate dialogs). This log-in behavior is similar to telnet and allows for scripting.  
 PropertyTimeoutSpecifies the time (in milliseconds) during which Reflection attempts to make a connection before timing out.  
 PropertyUsePCUserNameSpecifies whether Reflection uses the current Windows user name for Rlogin connections.  
 PropertyUserNameA string that specifies the user name.  
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