DefaultHotspotMapName Property (HotSpots)

Gets the path and filename that the Save method saves a hotspot to when the location defined by the HotspotsMap property is read-only.
Public ReadOnly Property DefaultHotspotMapName As String
Dim instance As HotSpots
Dim value As String
value = instance.DefaultHotspotMapName
public string DefaultHotspotMapName {get;}
The Save method saves the in-memory hotspot collection to the hotspot file defined by the HotspotsMap property. However, if that location points at a read-only location such as the built-ins folder underneath program files\Micro Focus\reflection where files cannot be written to, then the Save method saves the file in the user's documents area (e.g. Documents\Micro Focus\Reflection\Hotspots Maps) under the name of the active session.
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