GraphicsCrosshairColorOption Enumeration

Defines valid values for the color of the graphics cross-hair cursor in a 3179G terminal session.
Public Enum GraphicsCrosshairColorOption 
   Inherits System.Enum
Dim instance As GraphicsCrosshairColorOption
public enum GraphicsCrosshairColorOption : System.Enum 
BlackThe cursor is black.
BlueThe cursor is blue.
CyanThe cursor is cyan.
DarkBlueThe cursor is dark blue.
DarkCyanThe cursor is dark cyan.
DarkGreenThe cursor is dark green.
DarkGreyThe cursor is dark grey.
DarkMagentaThe cursor is dark magenta.
DarkRedThe cursor is dark red.
DarkYellowThe cursor is dark yellow.
GreenThe cursor is green.
GreyThe cursor is grey.
MagentaThe cursor is magenta.
RedThe cursor is red.
WhiteThe cursor is white.
YellowThe cursor is yellow.
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