Reflection Desktop VBA Guide
Attachmate.Reflection.Objects Library / Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.UserInterface Library / Size Object / Width Property
In This Topic
    Width Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the width (in pixels) of the terminal window.
    expression.Width As Integer
    where expression is a variable that represents a Size Object

    Property Value

    The default value and the range of values vary depending on your monitor.

    Reflection may adjust the height you specify for your terminal window to accommodate your monitor's size and resolution.

    This sample gets the window size and displays the height and width of the workspace window.
    Sub Sample_Frame_WindowSize()
        Dim size As Attachmate_Reflection_Objects.size
        Set size = ThisFrame.WindowSize
        MsgBox ("The width of the Reflection Desktop is " & Str(size.Width) & " pixels" & " and the height is " & Str(size.Height) & " pixels")
    End Sub
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