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In This Topic
    HangUp Method
    In This Topic
    Hangs up the modem by sending the Hayes "+++" command to get the modem's attention, followed by the "ATH" hangup command.
    expression.HangUp() As ReturnCode
    where expression is a variable that represents a Terminal Object

    Return Value

    One of the following ReturnCode enumeration values.

    Member Description
    Cancelled Cancelled.
    Error Error.
    PermissionRequired Permission is required.
    Success Success.
    Timeout Timeout condition.
    Truncated The text is truncated.

    This method does not guarantee that the modem is actually hung up. No error is returned if the method fails for any reason. After the modem is hung up, the port remains open; use the Disconnect method to close the port. Valid only if Reflection is set to use the old modem dialer (UseModemDialerV5 = true).
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