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Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.OpenSystems Library / Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.OpenSystems Library / FileTransfer Object / KermitPacketSize Property
In This Topic
    KermitPacketSize Property
    In This Topic
    Returns or specifies the desired packet size (in bytes) for Kermit transfers from the host.
    expression.KermitPacketSize As Integer
    where expression is a variable that represents a FileTransfer Object
    Thrown if a value outside the range of valid values is specified.
    For transfers to the host, the host Kermit program determines the packet size; if it doesn't support long packets, it adjusts them to 94 bytes. Programs that support packet sizes greater than 94 bytes are referred to as "SuperKermit" programs. The default value is 512. The range of values is 32 - 2048.
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