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Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.IbmHosts Library / Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.IbmHosts Library / MouseButtonCombination Object / WheelDirection Property
In This Topic
    WheelDirection Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets the mouse wheel scroll direction associated with the combination.
    expression.WheelDirection As MouseWheelDirection
    where expression is a variable that represents a MouseButtonCombination Object

    Property Value

    A MouseWheelDirection Enumeration value.
    This sample maps the mouse wheel to an action that extends the selected area one row down.
    Public Sub MapMouseWheelToAction()
        Dim msmapping As MouseMapping
        Dim sequence As InputMapActionSequence
        Dim action As InputMapAction
        Dim combo As MouseButtonCombination
        Set msmapping = New MouseMapping
        Set sequence = New InputMapActionSequence
        Set action = New InputMapAction
        Set combo = New MouseButtonCombination
        'Set up the action to extend a selected area down one row
        action.ActionId = InputMapActionID_ExtendSelectionBlockDownAction
        'Add the action to the action sequence
        sequence.Add action
        'Set the mouse button as mouse wheel down
        combo.WheelDirection = MouseWheelDirection_WheelDown
        Set msmapping.button = combo
        'Map the mouse button to the action sequence
        Set msmapping.mapping = sequence
        'Add the new mapping to the mouse map
        ThisIbmTerminal.MouseMapper.AddMapping msmapping
    End Sub
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