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Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.IbmHosts Library / Attachmate.Reflection.Objects.Emulation.IbmHosts Library / FileTransfer Object / XfrJisciiCrlf Property
In This Topic
    XfrJisciiCrlf Property
    In This Topic
    Gets or sets whether a carriage return and a line-feed character are removed from the end of each line of a JISCII file that you send to the host, or added to the end of each line of a JISCII file that you receive from the host.
    expression.XfrJisciiCrlf As ConvertCrLfOption
    where expression is a variable that represents a FileTransfer Object

    Property Value

    A ConvertCrLfOption Enumeration value. The default is Convert, which specifies that carriage return and line-feed characters are added and removed.

    CR/LF processing is typically appropriate for JISCII files but not for binary files. This property is applicable to double-byte 3270 sessions only.

    If you specify a value that is too large for your host, it will disconnect your session when you first attempt to send a file big enough to fill the buffer. Most systems support values up to 8K.

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