IView Interface Methods

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Public Methods
 MethodAddSmartControlAdds a SmartUx Control to the view window.  
 MethodCloseCloses the view.  
 MethodCreateSmartBorderCreates a SmartUx Control.  
 MethodCreateSmartButtonCreates a SmartUx Control.  
 MethodCreateSmartCustomControlCreates a SmartUx Control.  
 MethodCreateSmartDatePickerCreates a SmartUx Control.  
 MethodCreateSmartDropDownCreates a SmartUx Control.  
 MethodCreateSmartRequiredFieldCreates a SmartUx Control.  
 MethodFocusSets the input focus to the view.  
 MethodRemoveAllSmartControlsRemoves all SmartUx Control from the view window.  
 MethodRemoveSmartControlRemoves a SmartUx Control from the view window.  
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