IScreenHistory Interface Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by IScreenHistory.

Public Properties
 PropertyClearHistoryOnDisconnectGets or sets a value for whether to clear the screen list when the session disconnects (if true).  
 PropertyCountReturns the number of screens listed in the Screen History of the session.  
 PropertyIndexReturns the zero-based index of the current history screen or -1 if the live screen is active.  
 PropertyManualCaptureOnlyGets or sets whether host screens are only captured manually (true) or if they're captured automatically (false).  
 PropertyNumberOfScreensToRememberGets or sets the number of host screens in the Screen History list.  
 PropertyParentGets the parent object (IProductivity).  
 PropertyScreenHistoryPanelVisibleGets or sets the visible state of the dockable Screen History panel.  
Public Methods
 MethodBackShows the previous host screen from the Screen History list in read-only mode.  
 MethodCaptureScreenCaptures the current host screen, including any data entered in non-hidden fields, and adds it to the Screen History list.  
 MethodClearAllScreensRemove all screens from the Screen History list.  
 MethodDeleteScreenDeletes a specific screen from the Screen History list.  
 MethodForwardShows the next host screen from the Screen History list in read-only mode.  
 MethodGetHistoryScreenImageReturns a history screen as an image.  
 MethodGetLiveScreenImageReturns the live screen as an image.  
 MethodOpenScreenHistoryFileLoads a screen history file into the session document.  
 MethodSaveScreenHistoryFileSaves screen history contents to the specified file.  
 MethodShowLiveScreenShows the current host screen from anywhere in the screen history sequence.  
 MethodShowScreenShows a specific screen from the Screen History list.  
Public Events
 EventScreenChangedRaised when screens are added to or deleted from the Screen History list.  
 EventScreenSelectedRaised when a history screen has been selected.  
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