WindowRows Property

Gets or sets the number of lines displayed on screen.
Property WindowRows As Integer
Dim instance As ITerminal
Dim value As Integer
instance.WindowRows = value
value = instance.WindowRows
int WindowRows {get; set;}

Property Value

The default value is 24. The range of values is 24 - 172.
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException Thrown if the set parameter is outside the range of valid values.
The DisplaysRows property controls the number of lines in each page of display memory (the area the host uses to display text and position the cursor). Changing the DisplayRows value automatically sets WindowRows to the same value; however, changing the WindowRows value has no effect on DisplayRows. If WindowRows is larger than DisplayRows, the unused part of the terminal window will be blank. If WindowRows is smaller than DisplayRows, only a portion of each display page will be visible on screen; you must scroll to the view the entire display page.

If you change the number of rows using the Screen tab in the Reflection Display Setup dialog box, Reflection automatically sets both DisplayRows and WindowRows to the new value.

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