KermitServerStartupCommand Property

Returns or specifies the string sent to the host to start the host Kermit server program, either when the KermitStartServer method is executed, or, if the KermitAutomaticServer property is set to True, as soon as the user initiates a Kermit file transfer from the File Transfer dialog box.
Property KermitServerStartupCommand As String
Dim instance As IFileTransfer
Dim value As String
instance.KermitServerStartupCommand = value
value = instance.KermitServerStartupCommand
string KermitServerStartupCommand {get; set;}
The default value is "". If this string is empty (""), it is assumed that the host Kermit is already in server mode, and no action is taken other than to update the emulator's state so that it knows the host is in server mode.
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