IFileTransfer Interface Methods

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Public Methods
 MethodAbortTransferAborts an IND$FILE transfer. This method is more drastic than CancelTransfer and may leave the host session in an unpredictable state.  
 MethodAS400ReceiveFileTransfers data from the host to the PC, using the AS/400 data transfer protocol.  
 MethodAS400SendFileTransfers one or more PC files to the host, using the AS/400 data transfer protocol.  
 MethodCancelTransferCancels an IND$FILE transfer or an AS/400 data transfer in progress.  
 MethodINDReceiveFileTransfers a file from the host to the PC using the IND$FILE protocol.  
 MethodINDSendFileTransfers a file from the PC to the host using the IND$FILE protocol.  

Opens a transfer request file. This is equivalent to opening a Transfer Request (.mto or .xto) file using the Open button in the File Transfer dialog.

 MethodShowFileTransferDialogOpens the File Transfer dialog box.  
 MethodShowFileTransferSetupDialogOpens the Transfer Setup dialog box. This method returns an error if the user cancels the dialog box.  
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