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image\rwnprg32.gif BeforeTerminalKey event


Syntax Private Sub Session_BeforeTerminalKey(Key As Long, Continue As Boolean)



This event is triggered before Reflection transmits a terminal keystroke.


Key Argument type: Enumeration
A terminal key constant that identifies the keystroke the user pressed. If the value of Key is changed in the BeforeTerminalKey event procedure, Reflection transmits the new Key value. Click here to see a list of terminal keys for 3270 terminals, or here to see a list of terminal keys for 5250 terminals.

Continue Argument type: Boolean
Specifies whether Reflection should transmit the keystroke. Reflection sets this argument to True when the event occurs. If you set Continue to False in the event procedure, Reflection does not send a keystroke.


· Event procedures must be created in the code module for the Reflection Session object (ThisSession).


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