Programming with Reflection

image\rwnprg32.gif OnReflectionEvent event


Syntax object_OnReflectionEvent(ByVal v1 As Long, ByVal v2 As String)



This event is triggered by Reflection's RaiseControlEvent method. RaiseControlEvent provides information to the ActiveX control about actions that occur in a Reflection session. To use this event:

1 Map a Reflection feature (an event, toolbar, keystroke, hotspot, menu, or mouse click) to RaiseControlEvent. Use the optional parameters in this method to send integer and/or string data to OnReflectionEvent.

2 Handle the event in the application or web page using the ActiveX control's OnReflectionEvent event.



v1 Argument type: Integer
Any numeric value you have set using RaiseControlEvent method's first parameter.

v2 Argument type: Enumeration
Any string value you have set using RaiseControlEvent method's second parameter.